Basic Guideline for Writing Assignments in MLA Format

MLA citation generator tool is the most searched keyword due to its extensive use in academic institutions. The origin of this citation style has come from the organisation, the Modern Language Association (MLA). The format is developed, so that the researchers, scholars and students involved in the literature and language field can get benefit from them.

MLA referencing style is the most common citation style used in schools or colleges as it helps in easy reading. Do you want to learn how to format assignments in MLA style?

This article will give you in-depth knowledge regarding a few components that can be developed in MLA citation generator format.

  1. Choice of paper

It depends on your professor or teacher whether you are required to submit the paper in printed version or electronic version.

If you are submitting in electronic version, consult with your professor. You may be asked to provide a hard copy of the paper or send paper via mail.

In case of printed paper, remember to use white paper only. Along with that, make sure to use a high quality printed paper whose size should stay between 8 ½ and 11 inches. 

  1. Maintain Proper Formatting

The paragraphs should be double-spaced throughout the assignment. The sentences must leave a one-half inch from the left margin. Use the tab button to create the half-inch space. Every first word from each paragraph must be indented. However, if you find yourself in a dilemma or questioning yourself about using the right format, you can get access to the MLA bibliography generator tool.

  1. MLA heading

Place the heading at the top of the first page. Your heading will consist:

  • Your full name
  • Instructor’s name
  • Course name
  • Assignment’s due date

Example: Robert Brown

       Professor Justin

      English Masters

  • Dec 2019
  • Abbreviations

Here are the most common abbreviations that you need to maintain while writing your paper in MLA format.

  • Edition – ed.
  • Paragraph- par.
  • Volume- vol.
  • University Press- UP
  • Revised- rev.
  • Number- no.
  • Translation- trans.
  • That is- i.e.
  • Chapter- ch.
  • Quoted in –
  • or pp.- page or pages
  • and others- et al.
  • Spacing

The entire MLA format paper should have double-spaced lines. There should be double-spaced lines in between written body, on the reference page and in the heading.

  • Font size

In MLA citation style, the most appropriate font style would be Arial and Times New Roman. The readers must clearly distinguish between the regular and italicized font. The default size of this font style is 12 point.

Follow the instructions given above to write your assignment in MLA style. Get the best MLA reference generator tools by following the list of top 5 citation generator tools.

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