3RM Deadlift & AMRAP

First morning session is done! Its an experiment to see the difference between wod in the evening or wod in the morning. I must say the endorfins do have a purpose to serve before, it adds energy in meeting and at work. I feel fantastic when I get ot work and its only 8:30 in the morning. So is this the only benefit? No there is more. In the video at the top, there is a list of 5 benefits linked to waking up at 5:00am. Some is obvious but it makes you think, will it benefit me? Probably. Why not do it?

One benefit that I’m intrigued by is “The Flow State”. Check out the video below.

So, what did it do for me? Well, I did set a 3RM Deadlift PR @110kg. Since my 1RM PR is @140kg I must say that it was surprising. I will defiantly revisit the 1RM Deadlift in a few weeks and if its possible to improve.

But the greatest PR today is to wake up at 5am, work out and go to work.

——————————TODAYS WORKOUT——————————

A. Test: Within 12 minutes, establish 3RM Deadlift @ 3211 without change in posture (no Touch-n-Go)
__If already tested, do E2M x 6 sets: 6 Romanian Deadlifts @ 3011, 85% effort

C. Amrap 8 min @ 80% effort
4/4 Double DB punch lunge (medium weight)
4/4 Double DB punt lunge (same weight)
8 Burpees

C. Alt. EMOM 8 min @ 80% effort
C1. 9-11/8-10 cal Row (strapless, damper @ “0”)
C2. 6/6-9/9 Plank hip circles

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4 augusti 2020 - 12:53
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